New Work
Laura Grain


...a little girl with a make believe collection casting shadows with her imaginary objects...

  ...an abandoned chair with hidden secrets...

Making and storytelling are at the core of what I do as an Artist Maker; creating unusual objects that inspire and engage the imagination and encouraging not only the fictional but also unveiling historical stories.

The uncanny, the subtle sensation that things are not as they should be, is a recurring theme within my work; often using contrasting or unexpected materials to create a sense of wonder. I frequently utilise personal and domestic items for their familiarity this heightens the tension between the real and the unreal; concrete and illusion.

I naturally draw on a range of appropriate materials and techniques to explore concepts within my work; for example embroidery draws the viewer in for closer scrutiny; utilised in foreign bodies embroidered wall piece and leather has a tactile nature that encourages touch; an important feature of the curiosity chair.

Chairs and other frequently handled objects often appear in my work; their relationship to the body and the space we inhabit allows them to take on take on an almost physical presence even when the owner is no longer precent giving them the power to symbolise the missing person.