Laura Grain

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Urinary System Anomalies Buried In Woolen

Urinary System, 2024
Three dimensional urinary system for use in engaging visitors with a museum collection.


Anomalies, 2016
A series of three dimensional embroideries representing human pathologies.


Buried in Woollen, 2013
A site-specific installation as part of AiRM (Art in Romney Marsh)


Curiosity Chair Foundling Chairs Foreign Bodies

Curiosity Chair, 2013
Interactive work exploring collaborative storytelling.


Foundling Chairs, 2012
A series of work based on The Foundling Museum's Tokens.


Foreign Bodies, 2012
A series of work inspired by the Mutter Museum's collection of Swallowed objects.


The Hoard Forgotten Photographs Vitrines, 2011

The Hoard, 2012
A series of work investigating hoarding and its impact on the daily life of the hoarder.


Forgotten Photographs, 2012
This project is based on a series of found photographs and the narratives they project in the mind of the viewer

Vitrines, 2011
These vitrines are made using the objects obtained through the '23 Rings' project.

23 Rings, 2011 Through the Lense, 2010  

23 Rings, 2011
23 Rings made using objects collected during my 23 years. I invited people to take a ring in exchange for something from their own lives.

Through The Lense, 2010
These detailed optometrists glasses were inspired by the fictional stories fabricated from old photographs and postcards.